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Editor/Photographer : Mark Charles


June 12 2003


A new diesel model heads a list of revisions to the Jaguar X-TYPE for the 2004 model year. Paving the way for Jaguar’s expansion into the diesel market, the new 2.0D diesel will be on sale from September this year.
With the introduction of all-wheel drive 2.5 litre and 3.0 litre V6 petrol models at launch two years ago, the X-TYPE compact executive sports saloon opened Jaguar ownership to a new, younger audience. The addition of a front-wheel drive 2 litre petrol V6 last year saw the X-TYPE become even more affordable and accessible, without losing any of the core Jaguar values. The 2.0 litre diesel will extend the choice again, introducing an all-new engine option in the form of a four-cylinder, 16-valve turbodiesel with common-rail injection.

Developed for its role in the X-TYPE 2.0D, this refined, fuel- efficient and powerful engine offers up to 130ps (128bhp DIN) (96kW) plus an impressively flexible 330Nm (243lb ft) of torque with the facility for ‘overtaking’ overboost to as much as 350Nm (258 lb ft). Just as importantly, it also offers the advantages of 50mpg+ fuel economy (combined cycle) and a super-low 149g/km CO2 emissions rating – a class-leading figure in the compact premium diesel segment.

With prices starting from £19,995 in the UK, the new front-wheel drive 2.0D is available at the same price as the 2 litre V6 petrol-engined X-TYPE, allowing customers to opt for diesel at no extra cost.

"We are delighted to be introducing a diesel X-TYPE. It is exactly what buyers want and for Jaguar opens up a vital new market sector, presenting significant opportunities to capitalize on the rapidly increasing pan-European demand for premium diesel cars. With the new 2.0D X-TYPE on sale this year and our all-new V6 diesel coming in the S-TYPE in twelve month's time, Jaguar is perfectly positioned for success as we make our diesel debut. "

Mike Wright Managing Director, Jaguar Cars

Offering an uncomplicated answer to personal preferences for petrol or diesel - without price differentiation - the new 2.0D is expected to take full advantage of what Jaguar market research has identified as a latent demand for a diesel-engined X-TYPE. Since launch in 2001, X-TYPE sales have exceeded 125,000 worldwide, contributing strongly to Jaguar’s growth and to global sales of more than 130,000 cars in 2002 – the company’s fifth successive record year.

The X-TYPE 2.0D will allow Jaguar to compete for the first time for a share of the increasingly important premium diesel market, which accounts for around half of the segment across Europe, and as much as 33 per cent in the UK. With its combination of affordability, low running costs and traditional Jaguar luxury and driving dynamics, the new X-TYPE 2.0D is likely to account for almost two thirds of X-TYPE sales across Europe (50% in the UK) in its first year.

As with other X-TYPE models, the new 2.0D will be available in three trim and equipment levels; Classic, SE and Sport.

To power the first diesel-engined X-TYPE, Jaguar adopted a state-of-the-art, common-rail direct injection turbodiesel, tailored specifically for life in a compact sports saloon. Its unique installation package has been developed for the needs of the luxurious, driver-focused X-TYPE - in which mechanical and aural refinement and effortless long-distance performance are vital ingredients of the car’s character.

The new 2.0 litre diesel engine offers petrol-engine levels of refinement and everyday driveability. Delivering low noise and impressive performance – a maximum speed of 125mph and 0-60mph in just 9.5 seconds – the X-TYPE 2.0D is even more notable for mile-eating cross-country ability. The engine delivers class-leading emissions and very competitive 50.3mpg (combined cycle) fuel economy. In addition, whole life costs are reduced by minimal maintenance requirements and long component life. But most of all the X-TYPE 2.0D is engineered to offer relaxed cruising and ample performance in ‘real world’ conditions, thanks to strong top-end power and considerable mid-range flexibility. When the X-TYPE was introduced, positioned below the S-TYPE in both size and price, it was designed to open up Jaguar to a new, younger generation of buyers in the compact premium saloon segment. In this respect – as well as in engineering terms - the X-TYPE has achieved its goal.

The addition of Jaguar’s first X-TYPE diesel extends the breadth of the range even further, providing a rational choice for the head as well as the heart. The X-TYPE 2.0D offers the attraction of Jaguar ownership to a large, fast growing and highly cost-conscious group of buyers, many of whom appreciate Jaguar's image, personality and traditions of luxury and craftsmanship, but who previously never had the option of owning a Jaguar and using diesel fuel.

Now they do have the choice of a diesel Jaguar, without compromising any of Jaguar’s core marque values. In short, the new X-TYPE 2.0D combines the best of Jaguar with the best of diesel. Take fuel economy as an example: the combined cycle figure of 50.3 mpg gives a potential range of more than 1,000km (over 600 miles) between fill ups.

The X-TYPE 2.0D also offers a lowest-in-class 13E UK insurance group and is designed specifically for minimum maintenance, maximum component life and lower repair costs in the event of minor accident damage.

But beyond the rational appeal, there is also the emotional side of Jaguar ownership. The steering and suspension of the new 2.0 litre diesel have been optimised for the diesel powertrain to perform just as a Jaguar should. For the enthusiastic driver, the X-TYPE 2.0D's spirited performance and mid-range flexibility are highly satisfying. Just as importantly, it also has the sporting chassis dynamics, supple ride and secure handling of other X-TYPE's. All of which means that for any driver, the new X-TYPE 2.0D delivers everything that distinguishes a Jaguar: a blend of style, performance, agility, refinement, quality and individuality.

"In every area, from refinement to driving dynamics, our aim was to make the first diesel-engined X-TYPE indistinguishable from a petrol-engined X-TYPE, especially in the way that it sounds, and in the way that it delivers effortless ground-covering performance - just like a Jaguar should."

Mike Cross Chief Engineer, Vehicle Integrity, Jaguar Cars

The new X-TYPE 2.0D leads the changes to the X-TYPE range for the 2004 model year, but it isn’t the only improvement. As well as introducing a diesel option, the whole X-TYPE range has been refined and refreshed. New external details (including different grille, bumper and side window highlights) give stronger differentiation between the Classic, SE and Sport versions. A number of comfort, equipment and styling enhancements are offered across the range, together with improved trim materials that include Alcantara and carbon fibre. There are also reductions in maintenance and repair costs, highlighted by a new Bolt-On Front End (BOFE) structure behind the front bumper. This significantly reduces repair costs after minor damage, as well as offering a useful weight saving over the original welded assembly.

The updated X-TYPE range takes Jaguar ownership, as well as the Jaguar philosophy, into new areas with the 2.0 litre diesel leading the charge.


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